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The Nest Protect Smoke Alarm (Battery Powered) has a Split‑Spectrum Sensor and a carbon monoxide sensor, making it a smart and convenient safety solution for your home.

Key Features
  • Featuring a Split‑Spectrum Sensor, the Nest Protect Smoke Alarm (Battery Powered) can detect smoke from slow and fast-burning fires and sounds the alarm, allowing you to easily make emergency actions.
  • During Emergency alarm levels, the Nest Protect Smoke alarm’s 2-watt speaker sounds a siren with a noise level of up to 85dB with a coverage of over 3m, so you can be easily notified when there’s a smoke.
  • With Weave technology, your Nest Protect alarms syncs with each other and sounds simultaneously to let you easily know the location of smoke in your home even when disconnected to a network connection.
  • Using this smoke alarm’s Nest app*, you can silence the alarm using your compatible phone, and get alerts, monthly Home Reports, and more.
  • With Bluetooth connectivity, the Nest Protect smoke alarm lets you silence a false alarm or quickly set up your alarms using your Bluetooth-enabled device.