BIGPACK WHOLESALE is now one of the most fast growing and trusted suppliers, providing the very latest security system solutions. With national branches, BIGPACK WHOLESALE offers products and the highest level of support and service to customers throughout the security industry.
As a security wholesaler we deliver an extensive range of security system solutions throughout Australia from all the leading brands. We pride ourselves as in being more than just a security wholesaler but supporting the security system industry also with product training, customer support and fast product delivery.
We pride ourselves as being a distributor who makes the installer our main priority.We will stand behind our customers and never leave you in a compromised or unsupported situation with your client.
Electric Locking
Our product range includes one of the most comprehensive security system selections of electric locks, latches, magnetic locks and dropbolts from FSH, Padde, Trimec, Legge, Lockwood, EFF, Abloy and Detex to name but a few.
Access Control and Readers
As the most fast growing security wholesaler we stock a complete range of readers, cards and codepads from Elid, Rosslare, Smart, Presco, Indala, HID and tour systems from Digitool.
Our extensive intercom security system range includes products from Aiphone, D.Vice, Dallas Delta, ITS, emFone and Commax.
Alarm Equipment
We stock a large range of alarm panels, PIRs, reed switches and alarm components from DSC and Takex.
Proximity Readers
Our extensive range of proximity readers includes products from Rosslare, Codeguard, Smart, Indala and HID. As a trusted security wholesaler we can provide advice and support in choosing the right proximity reader for your project.
Our comprehensive Analog and IP CCTV security system range covers DVRs, NVRs, network switches, LCD monitors, UPS as well as racks, connectors and tools.

A vital component of every security system project is quality cable. We stock a complete range from figure 8, security multiwire, network and co-axial to fire rated cable. Underground/gel filled and low smoke/halogen free cables are also available in many types as well as a wide range of fibre optic cable and connectors.

We offer essentials for every need from KAC breakglass to power transfer devices and REX, touch and duress buttons from Smart, and Baran (Makash).

At BIGPACK WHOLESALE we are the security wholesaler giving you the very best in security system solutions, product brands and range.