Is cyber security keeping your  IT staff awake at night?

When it comes to mobility, the issue of secure wireless connectivity can keep IT staff awake at night. Businesses are relying more and more on smart devices and gadgets to save money, time and effort but unsecured smart devices can leave a business exposed and provide a backdoor to its network.



Any device that has internet connectivity, including printers, thermostats and Wi-Fi deadlocks, can be exploited if they are not properly secured.
The Internet of Things (IoT), the vast array of internetworked ‘things’, is booming. Also booming is the rate of distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks that co-opt unprotected devices into a botnet to bring down networks. Attackers use software to scan the internet and find unprotected devices and then infect them with malicious code to form a botnet.
The more unprotected devices available, the greater the opportunity and scale of DDOS attacks. So, while your business may not experience a breach, your devices many be exploited to be used against another network. And typically, the owner of the device has no way of knowing when it has been compromised.
Partners with leading cyber security vendors like SonicWall, Ruckus Wireless and D-Link, who design and supply solutions that provide secure but simple on boarding for all users, at a level to meet your compliance requirements. 
The frantic pace at which information ecosystems are evolving can be a challenge but can advise on efficient, cost-effective procedures to protect data and systems across multiple levels and scalable protocols. Talk to the team about their range of cyber security solutions, from firewall and intrusion prevention to secure access for viewing of sensitive surveillance video. 

Optimise your business communications 

Whether your staff work remotely or in teams, unified communication has never been more important. From huddle rooms and board rooms to classrooms and conference venues, technology is creating opportunities for new forms of collaboration, changing not only where we work, but how we work, and who we work with. Link up with colleagues across companies, countries and timezones to choreograph even the most complex and interdependent tasks, or turn an ad hoc conversation into multi-disciplinary discussion with instant access to displays, microphones, speakers and cameras. 




Offers all the elements to create a purpose-built unified communication solution, customised to your requirements. From conference phones and wireless microphones to high-definition camera’s and collaboration systems – proud to offer the most trusted brands in the market, all backed by expertise and after sales support.

Investment in cyber security needed to safeguard Australia’s passion for the internet

Aussies love the internet. More than ever before, Australians are embracing the internet for business and personal use:
• In June 2016, 94% of adult Australians used the Internet to conduct banking, pay bills, or buy and/or sell goods and services;
• In the second half of 2016, the volume of data downloaded through broadband connections was 23% greater than the first half of 2016, continuing a long-term trend of growing internet usage.
A strong and vibrant online economy is key to Australia’s future prosperity. For Australia to be globally competitive, cyber security must underpin our data-driven economy.
• In 2016, 59% of organisations in Australia detected a business interrupting security breach on at least a monthly basis, which is more than twice as often as 2015, according to the ‘Telstra Cyber Security Report 2017’.
To meet public expectations for improved privacy, integrity and availability of online services, and to support digital innovation and the online economy, government and enterprise must invest in cyber security. Business needs to anticipate future cyber security challenges, and be prepared to respond.
We understand business data and the technologies that manage, store and move that information for you and your clients. And we’re aware of the threats to your data and business systems, that can cost thousands, even millions, of dollars. We partner with industry leading vendors who design and supply a range of cyber security solutions, from firewall and intrusion prevention to secure access for viewing of sensitive surveillance video.